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TLC Precious Memories Photo Album

This kind citizen was considerate enough to give us a play by play of his health in percentages.

High Lord Bill, unlike many of Brittania's citizens, learns his lesson quickly

Famine jealously guards a pink chest, which he lovingly calls his "tickle trunk", containing his collection of old Playgirls, enema kits and used sex toys.

Sex Machine, a renowned patron of the arts, gently encourages a young man to continue his singing career.

Cruzader honours the locals by speaking to them in their native tongue

Two fine LMJ members demonstrate their affection for each other.

Maintaining a high standard of customer service has always been of paramount importance to TLC. Although we always try to serve our clients as quickly as possible, the volume of demand for our services can sometimes create delays.

Sex Machine gets down with the locals

This person clearly deserves stat loss

TLC monopolizing the bounty board

Santas elves help Santa spread some Christmas cheer.

Sometimes confused citizens apply our lessons of love to their pets

As professors of love we pride ourselves on a very high success rate. Some people are just quite simply so damaged that even our skills cannot help them. It's sad when we fail to get the message across but we find comfort in knowing we tried.

TLC works to spread the love

Fine TLC warriors kick back and relax in the pool of power after a long night of loving.

Some unexpected guests stop by, they claimed to be planning a wedding but we suspect they were paparazzi photographers.

Seeing her wedding party has been murdered, a bashful Lady Counselor Moria joins TLC for some fun in the pool.

Here's a shot of one of our many battles with the noble but misguided FOJ guild, so focused on justice they had no idea how to love.