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Napa Valley Anti Stat Loss All-Star Team: Episode 1

(say that three times fast)

Want a Justification? Read Here!

The gang gets ready to bang. Wearing our sexiest clothing and sipping from the Pool of Power we prepare for our journey. Sex Machine looks mysteriously at his fingers in a feeble attempt to count the number of killers that have joined together.



The pink nightmare begins. This was the high head count of the night at 23 people.



After hitting a few spots and finding nothing, we decide to look for some fellow rp'ers. Knowing that this land has seen far too little of evil we realize they will be most surprised and happy to see a fellow group of rp'ers willing to supply the ying to their yang. On entering the town we find JesDer, El Chupacabre, Kayla Failahen and Justice sitting around the fountain enjoying a leisurely lunch and polite conversation. In the face of such blatant insolence we do the only thing that could reasonably be expected: the systematic termination of their lives and molestion of their strewn body parts.


Next on the list was the sleepy town of Paws. Reports had been coming in all day that they were operating in direct violation of the town's fashion laws. Stripping their bodies clean of all clothing and armor, the group places a pink g-string on every corpse.



The group begins to feel hungry themselves and returns to the fountain for a picnic and some pleasant conversation of their own..



Rested and ready to continue their adventures, the group seeks out their arch-enemy: El Caban. Yes, if any man exists who stands in complete opposition to the ideals of evil it is this King of fools. El Caban must die! We head to Trinsic to find and destroy the fiend.


Caught using his usual cowardly tactics on the confused mummies, El Caban's eyes widen as he drops in his tracks.



Off to Deceit to take over the dungeon. Not since the dread days has a group of pk's entered Deceit and unequivocably made it their bitch during primetime hours on Friday night. It is time for a sweeping.



A small snack on the way to the big meal.



Following the group, I wade throught he path of destruction. These men were brought to justice before i had even arrived.



Deceit is brought down. All who stand in the path of the pink mob are destroyed.



Now off to take down Shame. On level 2 we find a large group loitering. Were they hunting us? Were they taking turns groping air elementals? Regardless of the details, after a prolonged struggle Feng Shui, Mana Pause, Moriko, Wicked Necro, Vigilante, Andrea, MewTwo, Sambo, Morgan, Ur Mac Droge, Hawk, W.Y.D., and Ivory all find themselves staring at their lifeless corpses on the dungeon floor.


As the night drew to a close, we all knew full well evil had reigned supreme. We can only hope the daemons that constructed our world will pull their heads out of their fucking asses and fucking fix our fucking game. Remove stat loss!!!